How to Smoke Saint Louis Ribs on a Gas Grill

St. Louis Ribs on a Gas Grill

One of my most popular posts is “How to Smoke Ribs on a Gas Grill“. That recipe uses baby back ribs and is not timed for St. Louis Cut Spare Ribs. So, I decided to do a post on how to smoke St. Louis Spare Ribs on a gas grill. This method is a twist on competition ribs and the end product is amazing.  We start by smoking the ribs and then we wrap them to finish. They are a must try!

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Thanksgiving tools and equipment!

Turkey 2014

During the holiday season I get a ton of emails.  Lately I have gotten a few emails regarding suggestions for the best equipment and tools for Thanksgiving.  Since it was such a popular topic, I decided to write up a post including all of the information for everyone to see.  I hope you guys find it helpful.

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Thermapen Mk4 Review

Thermapen Mk4

I am a huge fan of the Thermapen.  It is fast, accurate, durable and an extension of my arm in the kitchen.  It is the one kitchen/bbq tool that I could not live without.  I honestly don’t know how people can cook without checking temperatures.  I have had my Thermapen for almost 5 years and it works as good today as it did the day I purchased it.  The other day the great people over at Thermoworks sent me the newest Thermapen to try out.  I was a bit skeptical that I would need a new Thermapen.  However, The Thermapen Mk4 is not just an incremental update, it is a brand new kick butt thermometer.  The new features make this not only a kick butt thermometer, but the best Thermapen ever! Check out my review below.

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Thermapen Mk4 released today along with Timestick Giveaway!!!

Today Thermoworks is releasing the new Thermapen Mk4.  This is like Christmas over here at Savory Reviews.  We love our Thermapen and Thermoworks products so much.  Just like most people can’t wait for the new Apple products, we can’t wait for new Thermoworks products.  The new Thermapen looks like the old thermapen, but has an auto-rotating screen, back-lit display and uses a common AAA battery.   No more searching for 2032 batteries.  We have AAA batteries everywhere.  The Thermapen Mk4 is going to be the coolest tool in my BBQ arsenal.  The best thing is that it is only $99.  The classic superfast thermapens are still available and have dropped in price to $79. Check out our Full Review Here!

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Last Minute Gift Ideas and Thermapen Giveaway!

Every year I compile a list of the best Christmas gifts for the griller in your life.   Granted in a majority of the country it is snowing, but if your friends, spouses or children are anything like me, they grill all year long.  So here is my list of must have grilling wares for 2014.  Remember there is still time to purchase all of these items in time for Christmas!  Make sure that your favorite outdoor cook has all of the wares to make you the best meal possible.  These gifts are not just for your favorite griller, they are for you too! You can never underestimate the power of a perfectly cooked steak.

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