Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

With the weather getting a bit cooler outside, I wanted to create a drink that would warm me up and celebrate the season. Nothing says this more than Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate! A mixture of pumpkin pie spices, pureed pumpkin and a rich and creamy hot chocolate. It does not get any better than this!

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The Triple O Cocktail

The Triple O

I love orange juice.  It is sweet and acidic and works great in cocktails.  The Triple O cocktail utilizes orange bourbon, orange soda and orange juice.  It is slightly sweet and super delicious!  This cocktail is super infused with orange flavor. The Triple O Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add 1.5 oz orange bourbon … Read moreThe Triple O Cocktail

Down and Out – Thirsty Thursday

Down and Out

This cocktail is named for the fact that if you have more than three of these you will be down and out.  This is a smooth and delicious drink that is refreshing for the summer heat.  You really can’t beat it for quick pick me up.  Just be weary that one will bring you up … Read moreDown and Out – Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday – The Grapesicle


Looking for a great cocktail for Valentines Day!  Well the grapesicle is it.  Looks like wine but tastes like Kool-aid.  This cocktail adds a sweet little flair to your night. The Grapesicle Fill a rocks glass with ice. Mix together the vodka, simple syrup and grape juice. Top with ginger ale and lightly stir. This … Read moreThirsty Thursday – The Grapesicle

Thirsty Thursday – Orange Fanta-sy

Orange Fanta-sy

We have been on a huge orange soda kick over here at the RexBBQ/Savoryreviews.com headquarters.  So we decided to make a cocktail with our favorite Orange Soda “Fanta”. This cocktail mixes a nice spiced rum with the sweet flavors of orange.  This is a great cocktail for the summer!  Hopefully by drinking this, the summer … Read moreThirsty Thursday – Orange Fanta-sy

Thirsty Thursday – Busted Brown Cocktail

Busted Brown

I’m back with cocktails on a weekly basis.  The new installment is called Thirsty Thursday.  I will feature cocktails, wines and beers that I really enjoy!  To start it off I am going to feature my favorite liquor, Bourbon!  I love bourbon, so I wanted to feature it in my first drink back. Busted Brown … Read moreThirsty Thursday – Busted Brown Cocktail