Last weekend Nick from Macheesmo came over for a great day of grilling.  We ate like kings.  The first dish of the day was grilled lobster rolls.  Every once in a while you will find lobster on sale.  Who would have thunk it.  However, I got a great deal, two 5oz lobster tails for $5.99.  With prices like that I see how Red Lobster stays in business.  The key to a great lobster roll is the second half of the title, the roll.  Purchase uncut hot dog buns, trim the sides so that they are flat and exposed, and then slice it right down the middle starting from the top.  The top cut roll, is key to a lobster roll.

Grilled Lobster Rolls

I plated it straight up with some leafy green lettuce.  No need to take away from the amazing lobster.

Grilled Lobster Rolls(adapted from Weber’s Way to Grill)

  • Garlic Butter
    • 4 large garlic cloves, finely diced
    • 6 tbs unsalted butter
    • dash salt
  • 2 lobster tails
  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tbs chives
  • 2 tsp lemon juice
  • couple dashes hot sauce
  • 2 hot dog buns, top sliced
  • green leafy lettuce

In a small saucepan, preferably one that will work on your grill, heat the butter, salt and garlic.  Heat until the butter fully melts and then set to the side.

Prepare your grill for direct cooking over medium/ high heat.  Make sure to brush the grates clean.  For this one, I used the charcoal grill.  The flavor really comes across in the lobster.  This works great over a gas grill too.

To prepare the lobster cut the top and bottom of the shell with a pair of sheers.  Cut right through the center of the shell down the middle of the lobster tail.

Cut the lobsters in half

Then using a sharp knife cut the lobster in half.  Season the lobster with a little salt and then brush it with the garlic butter.

Cut in half and season

Place the lobster directly over the heat with the meat side down.  Grill for 2-3 minutes until the meat turns opaque.

Lobster meat side down

Flip the lobster and brush with the garlic butter.  Continue to grill until the lobster meats is slightly firm, roughly 3 minutes.  Remove the lobster and let it slightly cool.

Flip and grill meat side up

In a medium bowl combine the mayo, chives, lemon juice.  Mix together and then season with the hot sauce and salt.  Remove the lobster meat from the shell and dice it into 1/2 inch pieces.  Add it to the mayo mixture and coat.  You can serve immediately, however it is best served cold.

Brush the flat sides of the buns with a little garlic butter and then quickly grill to warm the buns.

Top cut buns

Line the bun with the green leafy lettuce and then top with the lobster mixture.

Lobster Rolls Close Up

I served these lobster rolls warm and they were delicious.  The lasted about 4 quick bites.

Rex is an avid griller, barbecuer and bacon enthusiast. He is the Pitmaster for the Rex BBQ competition team. Rex was also featured on the TV show American Grilled. If you have any questions or wish to have Rex decode your favorite dish, click on the ASK REX link in the menu above.


  1. Hey Rex,

    I've never cooked lobster before. Shocker it wasn't a staple in Waukesha, WI growing up.

    Are there any secrets? Is it easy to get out of the shell after it's cooked?


  2. I just read your tutorial on grilling lobster tails. Any other tips?

  3. Sigh, so disappointed that the wife is allergic to lobster. It never makes it inside our house.

  4. WOW < sounds great only one thing we ( people that live in the south) canNOT get th TOP CUT HOT DOG BUNS… VERY SAD.

    • Judy, try to go the bakery in the market. They usually have uncut buns there. Then you can make your own top cut buns.

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