I was looking for a refreshing burger for this past weekend.  After a little searching I found the perfect burger.  It is a green chile burger with guacamole mayo.  It was perfect.  It was a tad bit spicy with the perfect refreshing guacamole mayo on top to cool the heat.

Green Chili Burger with Guacamole Mayo

Served on a sesame seed bun, this was the perfect all-american burger.

Green Chile Burgers with Guacamole Mayo – (adapted from Weber’s Way to Grill)

  • 2-3 poblano chile peppers
  • 1 pound ground chuck
  • 1/2 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 4 sesame seed buns
  • Guacamole Mayo
    • 2 tbs white onion, grated
    • 1 ripe avocado
    • 2 tbs mayo
    • 2 plum tomatoes, diced
    • 1 tbs chopped cilantro
    • 2 tsp fresh lime juice
    • 1 garlic clove, grated
    • salt

Guacamole Mayo

Slice the avocados in half and then use the knife to remove the seed.  Using the sharp edge of the knife, hit the seed so that the knife enters it by a couple of millimeters.  Then turn the knife to remove the seed.  From there you can use a spoon to remove the meat of the avocado.

Remove the seed from the avocado

In a medium bowl mash together the avocado, mayo, onion, tomato, cilantro, lime juice and garlic.  Season generously with salt.  Mix again and cover.

Avocado Mayo Ingredients

Refrigerate for up to 8 hours.

Roasted Peppers

Preheat the grill for high heat direct cooking.  Place the peppers directly over the heat until the skin is blackened.  Flip and blacken all sides of the chiles.

Char over direct heat

Once blackened, removed the chiles from the grill and place them into a zip top bag.  Let steam in the bag for 10-15 minutes.

Let steam in a plastic bag

Remove from the bag and the skin will just peel off.  Remove the seeds, stem and ribs.

Dice up the chiles

Dice the chiles into 1/2 inch dice.

Forming the burgers

In a large bowl, mix the ground chuck, chiles, salt and pepper.  Mix well with your hands.

Mix the meat ingredients

Then divide the meat equally into four portions and then form four patties.

Form four patties


Grill the burgers over direct high heat for about 4-5 minutes on each side (for medium).

Place the burgers directly over the heat

Flip once.  The more you flip the burger, the more juices run out, the dryer the burger.  So, flip once.

Flip Once

During the last minute, add a couple of tablespoons of cheese to the middle of each burger.

Pile the cheese in the middle of the burger

Pile the cheese in the middle.  It will melt and coat the entire burger.

When melted the burgers are done

Remove the burgers from the grill when they reach their desired temperature.

Green Chile Burger with Avocado Mayo Moneyshot

Top the burgers with the guacamole mayo and serve.

These burgers were awesome!

Rex is an avid griller, barbecuer and bacon enthusiast. He is the Pitmaster for the Rex BBQ competition team. Rex was also featured on the TV show American Grilled. If you have any questions or wish to have Rex decode your favorite dish, click on the ASK REX link in the menu above.


  1. Oh my freak, those look beeftacular, Rex. The chilies, the guacamayoli, a lot of love went into those burgers.

    I can just imagine biting into that goodness.

  2. These look good, but I’ve never seen real chile peppers look like that before. Green chile grown here in NM certainly doesn’t anyway. Overall the recipe is similar to the traditional way we make them here in Hatch, NM we just don’t usually mix our chile into the hamburger patty.

    • @Preston – I hear ya. We are limited on the chiles up here. These were rather stumpy, but they did the job. I would have preferred some hatch chiles, but the local markets don’t carry them. I like to put the chiles in the burger so that they don’t fall off. That way you seal in the awesome chile flavor.

  3. Looks awesome! Cant wait to try it out.

    A word of caution – I make guacamole a LOT, and use a spoon to, and for a good reason. My mother decided to prepare some guacamole and used the knife method to take the pit out. The blade slipped, and severed tendons and nerves in her finger and thumb… So please be careful!

  4. @Rex – Would you like a free box of flame roasted, hand peeled, frozen hatch green chile from our farm? Shoot me an email if you’re interested.

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