So I have been inactive for over a week and I am truly sorry.  I had my tonsils out last Monday and have been unable to do anything but take pain medicine since.  However, today I just advanced past slushies and milk shakes to mashed potatoes.  Do you guys have any suggestions to help out a guy with a sore throat.  I have had slushies, milk shakes, instant breakfast (not too bad), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese boiled till dead and lots and lots of jello.

Besides counting down the minutes till I get to take my pain medicine again, I have been watching a ton of TV.  I used to love the food network, but lately it sucks.  There is only so many times I can watch someone make a cake, chocolate, or candy structure in a 1 hour show.  After you see one, the rest are the same.  Making it move does not make it more exciting for the viewer.  It actually makes it harder to watch because the pastry chefs are clueless.  The rest of the shows have lost their pizazz except for Good Eats.  I love Alton.

Alton is the reason I discovered The Cooking Channel.  I was searching to see if they were replaying his documentary feasting on asphalt.  When I did the search I found the cooking channel.  It is a great channel.  It is like the food network before it got shitty.  Most of the shows are awesome.  They did fill some time slots with the rejects that were not successful on the food network.  Quick tip to cooking channel executives – There was a reason people did not watch them.  Besides that, the majority of the shows are great and refreshing to watch.  I recommend that you check your local listings for The Cooking Channel.

Once they make it in HD, I don’t see myself watching the food network ever again.  However, I am sure they will turn the cooking channel into the same overly produced crap that the food network turned into and then we will have have to wait for the cooking channel 2 to come out.  But as of right now, it is awesome!!

I will return posting soon.  I should be able to start swallowing solid food within a week.  Plus, now that I can get up and use the computer, I have a few posts from that the past that I can finish.  Very interesting stuff people.  Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting posts.


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  1. I changed my cable package for the sole purpose of getting the Cooking Channel when it come on a few months ago. I agree, great programming. Perfect line "Like Food Network before they got shitty"!

    I think they are both owned by Scripps, aren't they?

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