With a toddler running around the house Dana and I have limited time to cook.  We love lasagna, but having to haul out the giant stock pot to boil the noodles is a pain.  Besides the extra dishes, the extra time needed to boil the noodles adds precious time to our already chaotic day.  So we had high hopes when we tried out the No-Boil Lasagna noodles.  The thought of just assembling the lasagna without the hassle was too good to be true.  Or was it?

No Boil Lasagna

To test out the lasagna noodles we used our basic lasagna recipe and assembled it in the same way that normally do.  We made the simple substitution of the noodles.  Basic recipe.

The Perfect Slice

As you can see from the photos, the lasagna was not runny or wet.  It was solid and delicious.  It had the taste of fresh lasagna with the texture of day old lasagna, it was awesome!

The noodles had great flavor, great texture and created a great lasagna.

The only issue that we discovered with the noodles was that the top layer of noodles were a little dry.  The noodle s require extra moisture and therefore you need to add a lot more sauce to the top of the lasagna than you normally would.Dana and I think that you should add an extra cup of marinara to the top of the lasagna.

We believe that these no-boil noodles are a winner.  They make lasagna easier and don’t take away from the delicious flavor of our basic lasagna.  I would totally recommend these to any person who wants to make lasagna but doesn’t have the time.


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  1. We've actually cooked lasagne this way, with the regular noodles, and it really works!
    We did find the top layer needs extra sauce to keep it moist.

    • I hear ya. We only used the standard amount in the pics above and it was a tad bit dry. However, the other layers were awesome!

  2. nibblemethis Reply

    I hate when my lasagna noodles have boils….ha ha ha

    Actually I've never tried these before, I'll keep an eye out for them.

    • I agree, I hate noodles with boils. Haha. I would totally recommend them though. They make a delicious lasagna Chris!

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