A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to test and review some grill grates. When these arrived I will be honest, I was a bit skeptical.   How could you improve on grill grates?  Metal bars that hold food over an open fire.   Don’t they all do the same thing? Well I was wrong.  Grill grates are interlocking aluminum panels that sit on top of your current grill grates.  The Aluminum panels amplify the grill and convert it to infrared heat.  They also even out the cooking surface, prevent flareups and  give you the ultimate grill marks.  They are a great grill accessory that is quickly becoming the most used tool in my arsenal.

Grill Grates

A grill grate starter set comes with 2 interlocking panels and a grate tool.  The grate tool fits perfectly within the rails and allows you to flip your meat without much effort.  The panels lock together and sit right on top of your current grates.

The Test

I tested these grates out on my Weber gas grill and my Weber Charcoal Grill.  I cooked chicken, steaks and burgers. The grates performed the same on both grills.


The first thing that you notice is that you can grill everything over direct heat without worrying about flareups or hot spots.  The grates really control the heat and make grilling simple.

The second thing that you notice is that the grill grates heat fast and produce amazing grill marks.  The raised rails produce some of the best grill marks I have ever seen.

Grill Marks

The grates had a little learning curve as you have to unlearn all of the different characteristics of your grills.  The hot spots vanish and the fear of flareups just go away.  The first couple of times that I used the grates, I grilled just like I had always grilled.  I quickly discovered that I was doing it all wrong.  The grill grates made it so that my grills were set it and forget it.  I flipped once, didn’t have to rotate the meat based on hot zones and was able to utilize the entire grill.  Based on performance, I think that these things should come standard on all grills.

MMM Chicken

The only other characteristic that I found was that they really amplify the heat.  You can just set your grill for medium/hot and put these awesome grates on.  Then you are ready to grill.

Overall I think that grill grates are quite possible the best grilling tool that I have. SavoryReviews.com recommends these as a must try!

Also did I mention that they give the best grill marks around!

Chicken Grill Marks

It is noted that we received the GrillGrates from http://www.grillgrate.com/ for free, but did not get paid or compensated in any other way for this review.  I am not an affiliate and I do not receive any compensation for any sales resulting from this review.


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