Last week the nice folks over at Thermoworks sent me a TimeStick Trio to test out.  This is a brand new product.  It is just like the original TimeStick but it allows you to have three timers in one. 

TimeStick Trio

ThermoWorks TimeStick Trio Review

At first I wondered if I would ever need three timers.  Then without thinking, I required three separate timers the first two times that I tested it out.   I don’t know about you, but without this device I only had two timers in my kitchen and they were not that easy to use.  The first was on the stove and the second was on the microwave.  I never realized it before, but I had always needed more timers but I just did not have any around.  Previously, I would set the stove and microwave timers and if I needed anymore I would have to either add or subtract time from one of those existing timer.  Needless to say it worked when I remembered but there are few times that I forgot and burned a roast.  Happens to the best of us.  I tested this out over the last week and wanted to share the results with you guys.

The Package

The Tests

The first time that I tested it out I was making the Valentines Pressed Cookies.  While the cookies were all made using the same recipe, the different sizes and shapes required different times.  My son picked out three shapes to make and behold we needed three different timers. I worked great.  For each different shape, I would set the timer to the minimum and when it rang out, I checked the cookies.  The cool thing about this timer, is that after it goes off, it continues to count up.  That way you can see how many minutes longer it took to perfectly cook the specific cookie.  That way I could add the extra time to the minimum and have the exact cooking time for each shape.  This count up feature was a hidden bonus.  It made it so that I could get the exact same doneness for each cookie, in multiple batches without any guessing.  It was awesome!

TimeStick Trio

The second time I tested out the timer, I cooked a prime rib dinner for Dana and I.  Yep, meat and potatoes for Valentines Day!  Once again, I never realized how awesome it was to have three timers in one location when cooking a big meal.  I had a timer for the prime rib, one for the potatoes and another for vegetables.  I did not have to remember to add 15 minutes to the vegetable timer, once it expired, for the potatoes.  Plus, the lanyard made it so that I could keep the timer with me as I set the table.  That way no matter what room I was in, I could hear the timer.  It was pretty sweet! I can’t wait to use it for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner!

Ease of Use

The TimeStick Trio is simple and easy to use.  It has a set buttons on the left, start/stop buttons on the right and a nice number keypad on the front.  There is a set and start/stop button for each timer.  It is a set it and forget it sort of device.  A must for a timer, but in this case it was done right.  It was so easy that my 3 year old son mastered it in less than a minute.  He actually confiscated it and told me to get my own.  What can I say, he is a chip off the old block.  I will have to get another for myself.

Confiscated TimeStick Trio


The TimeStick Trio has a ton of awesome features.

  1. Three timers in one – You are probably wondering why you would need three timers, but once you start using it, you will wonder how people cook without it.  Every meal has around three separate cooked elements.  A main, a side and a starch.  Now you can easily time each one without running around your kitchen setting separate timers.
  2. Count up feature –  Once your timer goes off it starts to count up.  This works for getting exact times for your specific oven, and as I found also works when you accidentally waited 1:10 too long to check your cookies and you realize that you like them cooked that way.  An accident that turned into genius.  In case anyone asks, it was just Genius on my part!  Haha.
  3. Backlit feature – It is super nice to be able to see the time remaining on your meal when you are watching a movie in the den.  Nobody said that you have to be in the kitchen the entire time that a roast is cooking.
  4. The Lanyard – Being able to keep the timer around your neck while you are cooking and running around is priceless.  Sometimes you need an extra hand.  Luckily this timer doesn’t need one.
  5. Built-in Magnet – The built-in magnet allows you to stick the TimeStick Trio right to your oven, fridge, grill or anything close that is metallic.  That way you can keep it within eyesight.
  6. Keypad Lock – This allows you to lock the keypad once you set your timers so that you don’t accidentally change the time.  A key feature if you wish to carry your TimeStick Trio in your pocket.



I would totally recommend this product.  It is compact, simple design and easy to use.  The features completely distinguish it from other timers on the market and it has three timers in it.  Three!  Trust me, you don’t even realize that you need this product.  It makes large meals simple and easy.  Spoiler Alert – To any of my family members reading this, you are going to get one of these as a Christmas Present next year.

Further, my son totally loves it.  Therefore, everyone will love.  If you can win over a three year old, you can win over anyone.

Check out the TimeStick Trio Here!



Disclaimer: We received the TimeStick Trio from Thermoworks for free, but did not get paid or compensated in any other way for this review.

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