A couple of weeks back, we received a selection of sauces from Silverton Foods.  Silverton foods makes many sauces including Apple Rum, Cherry Habanero and Pineapple Bourbon to name a few.  The one that jumped to our attention first was the Apple Rum Sauce.  Who could pass up a combination like fruit and alcohol?!  You know we love our fruit and alcohol here on the blog…well without the fruit, haha.  The thought of a sweet apple flavor with a nice kick from rum sounded like a winner!  Check out our review below.

Apple Rum Sauce

Straight out of the Bottle

This sauce has a great color and consistency.  It is well balanced with a slight heat on the finish that is not over-powering. The sauce has a great red color with a nice texture that feels smooth on the tongue.  The sweetness was nice and it had just a slight little tang.  It did not have an alcohol taste, but you could sense the rum in the sauce.  The rum is not overpowering, but just enough for you to realize that it is in there.

Dana thought that the sauce was slightly sweet with a slight hint of heat on the back end. I couldn’t agree more, the sauce was really tasty.

The Chicken Test

This sauce was great straight out of the bottle, but it really shined when caramelized over some chicken.  We grilled up some chicken breasts and slathered this sauce over them during the last 5-10 minutes of cooking. The sauce thickened up great on the Weber and the color did not change too much when heated.  Check out the great color on the finished chicken.

Chicken with Apple Rum Sauce

Overall, this is a great sauce.  It is a well balanced sauce that is perfect for any occasion. It has a nice flavor that the whole family loved. Since it had a nice well balanced flavor, I would serve this on any variety of meat.  It was excellent on chicken and would pair nicely with some perfectly cooked pulled pork.  We even used it as the sauce for some Teppanyaki style chicken on the Blackstone griddle.

Silverton Foods Apple Rum Sauce

You can pick up the sauce online at SilvertonFoods.com.

Make sure to check out their other sauces too.

The Apple Rum Sauce for this post was supplied to me free of charge from http://www.silvertonfoods.com.  While the sauce was free, the review found on this blog is truthful and honest in my opinions. This is not an advertisement. I was not obligated or encouraged in any way to only provide positive reviews. Opinions found on this blog are those of the individual reviewer and do not necessarily represent the opinions of SavoryReviews.com.


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  1. Denise Stetkis Reply

    My favorites are ALL of them but mostly Cherry Habanero and Apple Rum Sauce. I use it for stir fry, as a dip for chicken or steak. I’ve tried many sauces and these are really the best tasting. For Christmas I made up gift baskets that included the sauces for my family. Now there are Silverton Foods fans in Georgia and Tennessee!

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