We have compiled the best hot wing recipes that we have for your Super Bowl party!  We have even included our award winning hot wing recipe! Don’t have a fryer, don’t worry, we have included recipes smoked wings, grilled wings.  Our all-inclusive list includes the best hot wings that we have ever made.

Spicy Barbecue Wings

Big Game Hot Wings

1. Grilled Hot Wings

Grilled Hot Wings

Grilled wings are just as tasty and if you grill them over high heat the skin will get nice and crispy.  Super crispy wings without the fat and unhealthy oils from frying!  This is a win-win.

2. Peach Hot Wings


Peach wings are the ultimate hot wing.  Sweet upfront with a little spice at the end.  You can eat a few before the heat starts to build.  Basically the perfect hot wing!

3. Boneless Buffalo Wings

Up Close and Personal with some Amazing Boneless Buffalo Wings

Although there is no such thing as a boneless buffalo wing, we know they are popular.  Some people hate getting all messy eating eating wings.  Boneless wings allow you to stay clean as you can eat them with a fork.  I have developed a recipe that allows for crunchy chicken bits that have nooks and crannies that allow for ultimate sauce absorption.  A must try!

4. Spicy Barbecue Buffalo Wings

Spicy Barbecue Wings

In my opinion the best way to cook a wing is over an open flame on the grill.  That way you get crispy skin and that smokey caramelized flavor that you can not get with any other form of cooking.  I always get asked how to make a spicy barbecued wing.  Well this is the simplest way to do it.  Grill, sauce and repeat!

5. Smoked Chicken Wings

Smoked Chicken Wings

You haven’t tried a buffalo wing until you have tried a smoked one.  The smoke adds a new level to the flavor of the wing.  The smokey flavor, crispy skin and tender meat, is a perfect combination.  Once cooked, toss the wings in your favorite sauce and enjoy!  These are definitely a must try meal.

6. Award Winning Hot Wing Sauce

Award winning hot wings

The sauce that made us famous!  It is award winning and super tasty.  It has a few ingredients, but all of them help develop the intense flavor that wins awards!

7. Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

Smoked drumsticks

Chicken wings are so tiny!  Give your guests something to hold on to!  A smoked chicken leg allows you to serve giant sized portions.  Just toss in your favorite sauce after cooking and you will amaze your guests!

8. Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Did you make too many wings!  If so remove the bones and top a pizza with your favorite snack!

Rex is an avid griller, barbecuer and bacon enthusiast. He is the Pitmaster for the Rex BBQ competition team. Rex was also featured on the TV show American Grilled. If you have any questions or wish to have Rex decode your favorite dish, click on the ASK REX link in the menu above.

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